What To Eat In Boston Beyond The Cream Donut And Baked Beans

Published on January 8, 2023

Boston is one of the most beautiful cities to spend time in, and it also boasts quite the vibrant dining scene. While there are countless fine dining and trendy options, there’s a list of classic dishes that you must try when you’re in the city. You’ve probably already heard about Boston baked beans and the Boston cream donut, which is actually inspired by the classic Boston cream pie, but there are plenty more iconic dishes from this historic city that should not be missed. Here is just a taste of these treats and where you can find them.

The Best Foods To Try In Boston

The Best Foods To Try In Boston

Fried Clams At Woodman’s of Essex

The fried clam plate, called “Chubby’s Original” is probably one of the most quintessential New England dishes you can get. Located in Essex, this iconic restaurant, which has been around for over a century, even claims to have invented fried clams. Whether that’s true or not, we’d believe it based on how delicious these are.

Fried Clams At Woodman's Of Essex

Fried Clams At Woodman’s Of Essex

Roast Beef Sandwich at Kelly’s

Kelly’s Roast Beef has been around since 1951 when it opened up in Revere Beach. While they offer up sandwiches, seafood, and shellfish, this place is known for its namesake dish, the roast beef sandwich. This iconic restaurant claims it invented the roast beef sandwich, and whether that’s just local folklore or not, it’s pretty darn tasty either way.

Roast Beef Sandwich At Kelly's

Roast Beef Sandwich At Kelly’s

Cream of Wheat at Neighborhood Restaurant

Okay, hear us out. We know, cream of wheat does not sound exciting at all, but it really is that good. Neighborhood is known for its delicious breakfasts, all of which come with a side of either cream of wheat or fruit. We promise that if you don’t understand why there’s a line for this place, this is the reason why. Yes, because of the cream of wheat. Just go and try, you’ll thank us later.

Cream Of Wheat At Neighborhood Restaurant

Cream Of Wheat At Neighborhood Restaurant

Baked Alaska at Oleana

Don’t let the name fool you, one of the best Baked Alaska desserts you’ll ever have is found in Cambridge at Oleana. The delicious coconut ice cream is enveloped in toasted meringue and surrounded by a luscious passion fruit caramel. It’s truly an experience you must indulge in at least once, but we won’t blame you if you keep going back every night.

Baked Alaska At Oleana

Baked Alaska At Oleana

Korean-Bolognese Pasta at Pammy’s

If you want to enjoy an out of this world fusion dish, then Pammy’s is the place for you. Also located in Cambridge, Pammy’s takes the classic Italian fare that’s known throughout the Boston area and gives it a global kick. The lumache in Bolognese sauce gets a Korean twist with the addition of gochujang chili paste.

Korean Bolognese Pasta At Pammy's

Korean Bolognese Pasta At Pammy’s