When People Who Park Badly Get What’s Coming to Them

Published on July 16, 2020

Don’t Block the Wrong People

Yikes! This person certainly wasn’t playing games when they left a note for this horrible driver. We don’t have any other details about where the driver was parked or how many times they had done it, but that’s not the point.

Don't Mess With The Monster

Don’t Mess With The Monster

We aren’t sure if the person who wrote this note actually has a monster truck or not, but we hope, for the sake of the imperfect parker, that this is the case. Or, perhaps this is karma’s way of keeping things balanced?

No Parking?

Here, you can see that someone wasn’t following the rules, and when you don’t follow the rules, there are definitely consequences! In this case, the driver of this car is going to have some trouble leaving when they come back to the car.

No Parking

No Parking

We have to give props to whoever moved these dumpsters to block this car in, but we have to admit…it’s pretty smart. They certainly made a point, though, and the driver of this car is going to have to move these dumpsters before leaving.